“In our agency, we trust and believe in our host to carry a good personality, and the best thing is we are truly sempoi”


Who we are

KamiSempoi International Agency (KSIA), an official strategic partner of TikTok formed in December 2021 is the brainchild of its founder and well respected TikTokker To Chin Swee a,k.a. Pakcik Chin Swee, who is the CEO of Pakcik ChinSwee Sdn Bhd.

KSIA is currently recognised as the #1 ranked agency that is responsible for creating many highly successful hosts & leaders on the TikTok platform in the country. It has provided enterprising Malaysians a platform to grow and flourish into successful official TikTok Live hosts and social media leaders by providing the necessary training and guidance to enhance their hosts’ skills and confidence levels, while becoming more professional and entertaining in their live streams.

KamiSempoi International Agency based in Melaka, has become an established corporate brand name, with its success traced to its proven, fair and reliable reward system offered to its Official Hosts.

The Founder

To Chin Swee, from Melaka, aged 35, is the FOUNDER of Kamisempoi International Agency (KSIA) and sole shareholder for Pakcik Chinswee Sdn. Bhd. which own the KSIA. He started this business from an enterprise company known as Pakcik Chinswee Marketing. He is now is the CEO for KSIA and also Senior Sales & Business Development Manager for Marathon Press Sdn. Bhd.

He began his career as Sales Executive at OSIM (M) Sdn. Bhd in 2004 and further his career as Sales Assistant Manager with Muda Holding Berhad before joining Marathon Press Sdn. Bhd.

Our Vision

To maintain as the No #1 ranked TikTok Agency in Malaysia and to achieve 120 Million Diamond a month.

Our Mission

  1. To select and recruit 60 Sub-Agencies and 2,400 professionals multi-talented streamer/hosting entertainers as KSIA official host who will contribute 50k diamond a month by the end of 2023.
  2. To educate and train Sub-Agencies and the Official Hosts on a regular basis in order to maintain their enthusiasm and positive attitudes.
  3. To reward Sub-Agencies and Official Hosts with incentives and gifts to appreciate, encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals.
  4. To plan and create effective content ideas to help team members engage with their followers.

Our Journey

August 2021
Pakcik Chinswee become viral in TikTok
11th September 2021
Formed Pakcik Chinswee Marketing
1st December 2021
Officially become TikTok Business Partner
12th December 2021
Officially launched KamiSempoi International Agency
15th March 2022
Formed Pakcik Chinswee Sdn. Bhd.